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Portable Stadium Seats at The Tailgating

Terrific Tailgate Get Togethers!

There is nothing more festive and exciting like going to the ballgame with your friends and family. Hear them shout, watch the ball fly, and root for your team! The only problem is the hard and uncomfortable bench you have to sit on. And now you can avoid that too, with portable stadium seats from The Tailgating Portable stadium seats are:
  • Made with Quality Materials – The seat is cushioned and the seatback padded, and all is covered in durable, long lasting polyester fabric
  • Manufactured with the Team Logo – Whether your team is the Arizona Cardinals, the Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers or another, we have portable stadium seats that displays their colors and logo
  • Lightweight – They even have a cup holder for your favorite beverage

Take Them Out to the Ball Game
Have one of the handy portable stadium seats ready for everyone in your family and lean back in comfort to watch the game. Even the kids will complain less. Your seats will let everyone know who you root for. Here are some of our great portable stadium seats:


Perfect Products for the Player
Besides portable stadium seats, you can find everything else you need for your tailgate party in one convenient stop at The Tailgating Check out our many other great products that will make your party a guaranteed success, like:
  • Tailgate Gear--Make sure you have one of our great propane camp stoves on hand, pack your food in our insulated food containers, and bring a tailgate blender for the drinks
  • Backyard Gear--You want to buy cheap portable power generators to light up your yard and garden and to cook, also get a stainless steel barbeque tool set with case, cooking griddles, a Dutch oven and Dutch oven cooking accessories for Dutch oven cooking, and whatever else you need for a great party to celebrate your team’s victory

Celebrate the Victory
It’s so easy nowadays to get everything you need for your ball game enjoyment in one place. Find the perfect portable stadium seats, prepare for the tailgate party, and get the barbecue ready, all in one great stop at The Tailgating!

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