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Don't forget your favorite chair for the tailgating party A tailgate table is great for setting up your spread! You can't have to many grills at a tailgate party Tailgating supplies are very important to the success of any tailgating event. Whether you're at a NASCAR race or at your favorite park, the proper tailgating supplies will make or break the day. Its very common for people to forget the little things. We believe a tailgating supplies checklist is a good way to start. At the bottom of this page you will find a good checklist

Tailgating supplies also include your menu. You can visit are recipes page and get some fantastic recipes. You can even send in your favorites and we will add them.

Other tailgating supplies would include clothing, rain gear, sunglasses, gloves, first aid kit etc. The point is, if you are or want to be a tailgating pro, quality tailgating supplies are essential. We believe you will find all the quality tailgating supplies you will need at The Tailgating Pros.

Printer Friendly Tailgating CheckList

 Grill Knives Rolls Tent
 Burners Forks Buns Tarp
 Oven Spoons Bread Canopy
 Griddle Cups Burgers Flag
 Charcoal Plates Hot Dogs Flag Pole
 Propane Bowls Hot Sausage Flag Pole Holder
 Lighter Fluid Table Cloth Brats Rope
 Lighter Tooth Picks Meat Bungie Cords
 Matches Paper Towels Poultry Chairs
 Pots Napkins Seafood Table
 Pans Tooth Picks Pork Hammock
 BBQ Mitts Garbage Bags Vegetables AV / POWER
 Spatula Tissues Salad Radio
 Fork Wet Ones Cesar Salad TV
 Tongs Coozies Potato Salad Camcorder
 Knife Liquid Coolers Cole Slaw Ipod
 Spoon Ice Coolers Macaroni Salad Walkman
 Skewers Food Coolers Eggs Lap Top PC.
 BBQ. Brush Beverage Coolers Cold Cuts Camera
 Apron Bottle Opener Cheese Binoculars
 Can Opener Cork Screw Sauerkraut Cell Phone
 Mixing Bowl CONDIMENTS Salsa GPS
 Cutting Board Catsup Baked Beans Generator
 LIQUIDS Mustard Dips Power Inverter
 Drinking Water Relish Popcorn Extension Cord
 Cleaning/Fire Water Mayonnaise Nachos EMERGENCY/PROTECTION
 Beer BBQ. Sauce Pretzals Fire Extinguisher
 Liquor Hot Sauce Chips Flares
 Wine Horseradish Crackers First Aid Kit
 Orange Juice Salt Cookies Asprin
 Cranberry Juice Pepper Nuts Rain Gear
 Lemonade Sugar Cake Umbrella
 Ice Tea Flour RECREATION Blanket
 Soda Butter Football Flash Lite
 Margarita Mix Bread Crumbs Frisbee Jumper Cables
 Bloody Mary Mix Salad Dressing Cards Sun Block
 Ice Vinegar Games Gloves
 Coffe Pickles Newspapers Antacid
 Milk Hot Peppers Magazines Visine
 Creamer Sweet Peppers Books Sunglasses

Tailgating supplies

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